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Naked Magazine is a fashion publication that caters to women of all shapes and all sizes. They pride themselves on being as bright and bold as possible. We branded this company with a variety of bold textures and bright graphics to push its edgy message. I designed a logo mark that used provocative but subtle imagery to maximize the aspect of female empowerment. This brand was also extended to a clothing line, for which I designed boxes, bags, stickers, and tags. 

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Suffrage 100MA

Suffrage100MA was a women’s non-profit dedicated to celebrating the 100-year anniversary of women receiving the right to vote and being committed to educating future generations about the suffrage movement and how it is still applicable today. We built event materials, websites, and merchandise that could spotlight inspiring messages. of Massachusetts’s women who made history. I was able to hire a copywriter and brilliant painter Cherish Springer to create messaging that supported the goals of the organization.

The Paintings | Original artwork by cherish springer

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