Discover Foods Festival

Discover Foods Festival

The Discover Food Festival is an annual festival by the International Rescue Committee. This festival is a way for the IRC to highlight the great work of its kitchen incubator and the immigrant chefs that work there. This event is dedicated to introducing new international foods and flavors to its Salt Lake City patrons. Set at an outdoor venue noted for its urban graffiti decor, the goal of all designs was to build large colorful pieces that would stand out against the already bold backdrop of the event space.

The logo

The logo needed to be versatile in its applications and utilize bold choices in type choices and color. The logo will be used year after year, so it needs to stand the test of time.

The Colors

The icon bar

The icon bar is another visual symbol of the festival’s diversity of food and ethnicity. This year’s icons were maximized to create all backgrounds, layering each oversized piece to create a new background for every banner and need.

The Banners

Naked Magazine

Naked Magazine & Clothing

Naked Magazine is a fashion publication that caters to women of all shapes and all sizes. They pride themselves on being as bright and bold as possible. We branded this company with a variety of bold textures and bright graphics to push its edgy message. I designed a logo mark that used provocative but subtle imagery to maximize the aspect of female empowerment. This brand was also extended to a clothing line, for which I designed boxes, bags, stickers, and tags. 

The Pages

The logo

The Colors

Custom Patterns



Suffrage 100MA

Suffrage100MA was a women’s non-profit dedicated to celebrating the 100-year anniversary of women receiving the right to vote and being committed to educating future generations about the suffrage movement and how it is still applicable today. We built event materials, websites, and merchandise that could spotlight inspiring messages. of Massachusetts’s women who made history. I was able to hire a copywriter and brilliant painter Cherish Springer to create messaging that supported the goals of the organization.

The Paintings | Original artwork by cherish springer

The logo

The Colors

Indulge Eats

Indulge eats

Indulge Eats is a company that focuses on making high-end culinary sweets that harkens back to home cooking. Client wanted to build a brand that was ready for grocery stores and be used on a variety of mediums, from signage, posters, to food packaging, wrappers, boxes, and cellophane.



OmniCore is a central piece of hardware marketed to dentists to help them run all tech equipment through one box by handling security, wi-fi, networking, and more. I designed this brand to be extremely bright and bold, conveying the power and the connectivity of all of the elements inside the box.

The logo

The logos were developed to look very high-end and tech-focused. We also wanted to have an image that was extremely bold to stand out when branded on the side of the box.

Logo Drafts

The Colors

The OmniCore blue color was chosen to stand out when placed one the side of the black box, but also compliment the blue tones of the parent brand, the two shades on the right.

Keys to Your Past

Keys to your past

Keys to Your Past is a research-driven genealogy company that focuses on diving deep into family history to answer questions their customers might have.

The logo

The colors

The colors were developed to elicit the look of dark sepia tones, looking to the age and history of documents being researched to build family histories.

logo drafts

Yallwest Young-Adult Book Festival

Yallwest book festival

The Yallwest Book Festival is a young adult-themed book festival in Santa Monica, Calif., that hosts 20,000+ teens to celebrate the books they love. I have partnered with the organizers of the festival to make sure the display elements are produced every year.